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The BEST UE/ Unity model, and sprite ripping tools tools
So people seem to think Unreal, unity models and sprite ripping is hard. So here are some tools I use that help me alot with model/ sprite ripping. First, off the sprites. DevXunity rips all images at once making sprite ripping very useful. An you can get the program here:  You will need the files.  

If you don't want to use thr trial version. I found a v 2 crack version here:
 This build is great for ripping android and pc  sprites/ models from older games. I think it has to be roughly unity 3/ UE3 and below. Otherwise, you need the uncracked devXunity.

Now UE viewer by Gildor is a great UE4 model ripping tool:

 I highly recommend putting the exe and sdl2 in the root of the UE game you want to rip from. Now yes this part is kind of trial and error but, it's not time consuming. When, you load the program. An select a asset in the window the pops up. UE viwer will ask for a UE4 engine. Usually, v4.17-4.19 seems to work the best from what I've noticed. Anything newer seems to be used less in steam games. 

 Tho, you will need to keep trying different options if the tool crashes. This is why I said it'd be trial and error. But, youll find the UE version a game uses easy enough. An when you load a model . Go to tools and export current object. The model rips will be in the same folder as the UE4 ripper exe. So keep an eye out for a folder called UmodelExport.

For easy unity model ripping . You can use the Unity asset tool found here:
 The tool looks for assset files to dump models. I find it very useful for unity ripping models. So it works great for android model extraction.
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