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Project Green : A New 3D Odyssey Fangame, Built From The Ground Up
Project Green : A New Fangame, built from the ground up, aiming to set the bar higher than ever before.
Project Green is an odyssey-like fangame, featuring Luigi as the protagonist, with multiple new and diverse worlds to accompany the green hero on his way to glory.
It will feature everything a normal, full fledged game has, from story, full worlds, bosses, and an impressive amount of moons to fit.
The game dev team features a few musicians to provide an original OST, as well as a concept artist. Everything else is run by me, Snarf.
The base project has been restarted multiple times over 2 years (current dev time about 8 or more months),
but has been only for the greater good of the project itself- here are some pictures of the current state of the project.
[Image: 2.jpg][Image: 1.jpg][Image: 3.jpg]
[Image: LuigiPoster1080UltraWide.png]
[Image: ezgif-1-505d41b37f3c.gif]
[Image: LuigiPoster1080UltraWide.png]
Project Green is a massive project, and we need your help to get the game out there, to give it a little boost.
Heres our social media:
And heres a few posts from our twitter account, just in case you arent soldĀ ; )
Thanks for reading, have a good day Smile
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