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Some sprite request
Hy there...
I'm a fan of this site and I have a request for you:

Is it possible for you or all of you to rip some sprite that I'm gonna to enlist you:

-Some animations/Effects:
.Kyukaku Megami Tensei I and II,
.Majin Tensei I and II,
.Persona 1 (Both Console versions), Persona 2 Innocent Sin and Eternal Sin (Both Console Versions),
.Shin Megami Tensei I and II (Both Console versions),
.Romancing Saga 3 (The Other Spells and Techs rippeds),
.Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls (Both I and II, with magics ripped, and completed, not separated),
.Final FAntasy Tactics Advance (The Gba ones, with Magics and Skills rippeds), Final Fantasy a2 grimoire (The Nds one, with both magics and skills rippeds),
.Final Fantasy IV, V and VI (Both Console Versions, the complete ones, not the separated ones),

-Some sprites from:
.Mirai Nikki PSP game
.Digimon Adventure PSP

I know it's a lot of game and or there are some transparent sprite on certain games or you done some sprites on certain game.

In this attachment It's my first ripped animation From Shin Megami Tensei II Snes, but I couldn't do anything to make others.

Could you please Help me Out?
Thank you

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