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Crash Nsane Trilogy Ripping
Alright, so I have the PC version of the game and I'd like to make some mods for it with custom models, but as of right now it doesn't seem like anyone has figured out the format yet. A few people like CommanderDucky have managed to rip models and textures using NinjaRipper but that program doesn't include any bones associated with the mesh, and even if it did I still couldn't use it for modding because the modified mesh would need to be reconverted into the format the game uses. 

  Looking through the Pak files this game uses for its resources, it seems most of it-including models- are generic .igz files.
I have no idea what structure these might have, although my failed attempts to use 7Zip suggests they are not Gzip archives. I put a random .igz file I extracted in the attachments so you guys can look at it, it's from the models section of its specific Pak so it should be a model. Anyone have any ideas?

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