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Identifying Yugioh DT Models
Hello there everyone, so I've been going through the yugioh arcade game duel terminal and identifying what the 3d models are since their original names made it super obscure. Unfortunately I'm having trouble with a few of them.

Here's pics of the models that I'm having trouble figuring who they are. If I can find out the name then that is all I will need.!2OwCwK7Q!o7iOqtf8JSTSd...ZxXT6dsImI

Here are models I've identified so far. (550 or so)!fbpkVaYb!Oyt9uoN9xPRJ6...iY34QrN_S0

[I haven't textured the models, I could but it will take a while. Also I do have more unidentified but I'm going through them figuring out who's who. These are the missing models in numbers 300-700]
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Ok so I'm gonna step back from this project for a while. So far I was able to identify around 600 models in the game. I will share the text documents where I Identified the models and their number in the game models file from the arcade as well as grouping the models based on deck types. 

3d Model Catalog!mCIjiQZK!5S6Y8kGBti3cr...c48eZDGLqE

3d Model Groups!SDRj1IpI!3Nn_D-81ve9n_...PxJ3VHrFiw

I also went through the main model file library and changed the names to correspond to my text list. Not to mention including a separate file representing the model group text file.

3d Model File Library!7aY1wQrb!kt0gGxs16UC2r...mi79zP4Npo

3d Model File Groups!ufJlTI4Q!MhIz96WYcva8a...r2QFaxCYQU


In order to accomplish this I had to use a bin model extraction script, a 3ds importer script, and the original 3d model library from the game.

Bin Model Extraction Script

3ds Importer Script

Original 3d Model Library
[Unfortunately the original link for the 3d model library no longer works.]

Well I've done my part, hopefully you all can get some ease ripping from this wonderful game!
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