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Ladies and gentlemen, introducing KID QUICK!!! Full SNES Super Punch Out Sheet!

I played around with these for a bit to expand upon his color scheme and move set. The standard white trunks with a red stripe just didn't work for me and his arcade version never had a "blue glove" title defense palette.

Here is a breakdown of each row.
1: 6 non-punching sprites, 2 walking sprites, and 2 victory pose sprites.
2: 10 special combo sprites with the first 4 optionally multiplied x2. My working title for it is the "Quick Blitz".
3: 8 sprites for standard punches
4: 5 dodge/block sprites and 4 duck and counter sprites (in the arcade version he would do this 80% of the time for right jabs).
5: 3 hit sprites, 2 counter punched sprites, and 2 dizzy sprites.
6: 5 knockdown/get up sprites.
7: the reverse of number 6.

I have also added his main and health bar portraits but left stats and quotes up to the imagination for now.
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