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Random models download
All characters are ripped may need few minor editing . Otherwise here they are.  Dl here:

To get the models seperate use blender with the pmx plugin enabled or, checked. Put the pmx model into the main folder with the non flipped models. An blender will load that model with the correct mapping. Only Rare models Conker and, Dk have few minor issues anyone could fix. Feel free to edit ect.

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Still have to fix a few texture issues. have to t pose him and, edit parts to look right. Was a pain since I ripped him in his chair since multiplayer cheat ducttape wasnt working since no button was letting me go to lower case letters.

 So I did what I could  to make him stand up. I don;t know what chapter you fight him in. So till than, this is just a preview model.  Once I figure out wich chapter he stands up i'll be happy to rip a standing up version if there is one.

 The stages are a nightmare.  Excluding the textures I fixed theres over 280 + textures that would need flipped per stage room T.T so i wouldn't have the patience to rip those for free sorry. Time adds up. but, I'll rip more characters from the game .
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Cool rip. But no need to make a thread for every model you post. Just clogs up the forums.

It'd be better to make a single thread showing off what you're making.
I like to make models in my free time. I also make weird games, too.
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(12-25-2016, 02:03 AM)Filler Wrote: Cool rip. But no need to make a thread for every model you post. Just clogs up the forums.

It'd be better to make a single thread showing off what you're making.
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First,  is the Conker models so far

The Panther king ripped from his sitting pose and, reedited to be standing and, will have the better version later .

Next, is the Banjo Twooie stage Jolly Rodger bar stage and , banjo's house .

Lastly, is the Diddy K racing models I ripped .

These models are in pmx form. So move the models to the main folder so they will load correctly in blender or, whatever program you would use to have them seperated. I ported them into pmx editor so I could seperate and, fix the models and, re uv map them.

 Most stages are 400-800 parts so fixing them takes time. Due, to Rare made them game culling / draw distance terrible. I can only rip what Banjoo/ Conker character models see in front of them. Otherwise the game won't let me rip them since that part is gone.

 If you would want a particular stage or, model ripped please let me know. I'll see what I can do /
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Go here to see all my castlevania 64 rips-

To see my texture pack in action here's a demo link :

It's a bit outdated since I updated it with better bump, norm mapping merged with the normal mapping. I'll link to it later.
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I'm trying to rip the main hero kingsley but, psx preview overloads for some reason. 

 Ninja ripper just makes 1000+ mesh. Is there anyway to rip the ps1 game easier? 

 For me its a mostly failure process and, hardly getting anything besides triangles.
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Just finished ripping these. Just because, and figured people may want these models. since the iso is getting hard to find for the wii version. So I went ahead and, made the models in obj for everyone who wanted these models. They come in obj with png textures. 

 Since the actual website keeps declining my model post. Even tho they were in obj. I'm just gonna shaire my models this way. as off right now you can download the models from the following links.

Deviantart:[Image: sonic_superstar_tennis_all_playmodels_dl...c2juxc.png] {LINK REMOVED - NO ADS ALLOWED!}
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This is just a massive ports bundles of the models from The legend of zelda Phantom hourglass and Spirit tracks.
The weapon  bundle files can be downloaded here:

 Npc character bundle:

 The trains can be downloaded off my sketchfab model page if anyone wants thoes model:

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[Image: 1561763016.sotamusara_kay_models.png]

You can download the models here: {LINK REMOVED - NO ADS ALLOWED!}
( Just wait 5 seconds and, in the upper right the counter will say skip ad. Click it to be directed to the mediafire link.)

Use blender to load the blend file and, export the model as a format you prefer.  I was gonna submit the models on the main model-resources site. But, I'd rather do it this way.
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These are just some ... well most of the models I could rip from the steam version of snake pass. All models can be downloaded from my da folder:

Unfortunately, the snake model won't export right. An other versions in the snake/ character folders are in complete. However all models come as psk with tga textures. Below, are a few examples of the models I ripped. You may need to fix the eye textures .

[Image: ddabc2g-caffa409-023e-42a2-a1df-e778d770...8-QU15V0v4]

[Image: ddabbzw-164d9261-9ba0-4032-ae97-d8c2be05...TpWFMP4GMY]

[Image: ddabbxm-6c035141-6e2e-4a95-a521-85d65bd4...yCkudqAdCQ]
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Just some Kekkashi models from the Wii I think people may like. The downloads for the seperate models is on my deviantart page:

So here's a few model examples. Again, they come in psk with tga textures.

[Image: dd5x782-4c5a9ea8-c36b-4f82-9185-7d630b27ffa1.png][Image: dd5x7re-4fb4573b-790f-4df9-a70d-30d5517c2593.png][Image: dd5xbwm-fbdba9da-16f3-445f-9a1b-77a9d3b8a8b3.png]
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Some backed up models I think people might like. You can download the zipped models here:

Here's what I ripped [Image: dd59fcz-a12b944f-4659-4253-b890-be6becbd0cff.png]
[Image: super_luckys_tail_model_rip_preview_by_a...kOy1ynDq5I]
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Just a mix of low poly and , console models for download. 

Sanjin psp:
Transylvannia PC Wayne the werewolf model :
Cute Low poly fox:
Older Low Poly Fox:

Model previews below.

[Image: sajin_psp_model_updated_dl_by_artinkers_dcp8qpu-pre.jpg][Image: transylvannia_3_pc__wayne_the_werewolf__...9uavu-rWpo][Image: low_poly_cute_fox_model_dl_by_artinkers_...2ncsbAaXmI][Image: older_low_poly_fox_model_dl_by_artinkers...UDU-KtQPWc]
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Please note these were ripped with Ninja ripper with direct x 9 / win xp. Idk why win 10 has issues win all ripping tools so. I tried to get the closest to t poses for people. Just follow the deviantart links for the model downloads. If anyone knows how to rip models from rkv files Id be happy to export the hd models.

Ty 1 :
Low poly ty:
Ty 1 Maurie:
Ty 1 Julious:
Ty 1: Ranger Ken:
Ty 1 Sly:
Ty 1 Frill:

Here are the model preview images

[Image: dcmpg8n-4deacd10-2927-4fb0-bd0c-480d90a6...8Gd2UGVdxs][Image: ty_ttmt_1__maurie_mmd__obj_model_dl_by_a...nv-pre.jpg][Image: dconwkj-351e44d2-980c-472a-8043-ddc8358f057d.png][Image: ty_ttmt_1___julius_pmx_and_obj_model_dl_...5k-pre.jpg][Image: ty_ttmt_1__ranger_ken_pmx_obj_models_dl_...o0-pre.jpg][Image:][Image: ty_ttmt_3__frill_default_pmx_obj_model_d...m7-pre.jpg]
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