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Super Punch Out Custom Sprites Redrawn
I've been away for a while and thought I would dip my toes back in to the sprite pool by revisiting and fixing my SNES Super Punch Out customs. After comparing with the sheets on TSR I noticed (to my horror and shame) I made them all too small. So with renewed inspiration I have redrawn them the correct size with some changes. From left to right they are: Glass Joe, Kid Quick, Pizza Pasta, Great Tiger, Don Flamenco, Von Kaiser, Soda Popenski/Vodka Drunkenski, King Hippo, Piston Honda/Hondo, Iron Mike (Punch Out Flash), Mac (Punch Out Arcade player character), Mr. Dream, Mike Tyson, Rocky Balboa, Muhammad Ali, Little Mac (NES), and Little Mac (SNES). I have included the first attempt for comparison.

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These are coming along really well. I like King Hippo a lot. I think Mac should be smaller though, because... Little Mac.
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Nice, I like the Rocky ones. Do you think you will draw his opponents? It would be cool to see a fan made hack of Punch Out based on Rocky. Have you seen this:

lol just saw this too:
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