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sf2comp, needed for gctools, is not working

Fuzzyquersoftware made a windows compatible version of gctools, the programm made for extracting samples and sequence files of gcn games, like super mario sunshine, it can't write a soundfont, but it can make a metadata text file that can be compiled with sf2comp, i asked him to do so on the gamecube bsm thread(my user here is icantthinkofagoodusername), and he was very collaborative, shoutouts to him.

sf2comp can take a soundfont, decompile it into a text file wich includes the information about every instrument, as well as extracting the samples, and take these parts to recreate a new soundfont, it can be downloaded here.

My problem is that i can't get sf2comp, the commandline and the shell version, to work.

The program doesn't use sfedt32.dll, which is used by this utility and the old soundfont editor "creative's vienna soundfont studio", a different program that the current viena, and that plugin is used to write the soundfont.

The output of this program on a small soundfont taken from the internet:
[Image: sPnDMH8]

its fine at first, but the result, is empty.

You can take a look.

I tried a couple of things:
-registering the dll with regsrv32, "entry point is missing", doesn't work;
-installing "creative's vienna soundfont studio", because i figured an installation wizard would make the dll work, but vienna doesn't work on my pc, because my soundcard isn't a natively soundfont capable one, and it works only on these, and using the dll in the installation folder of vienna was no different than using the one provvided on the site mentioned before;
-made sure i have the dll in the directory of sf2comp, but that still doesn't work...

I have multiple copies of the dll in question in my pc right now, its sort of driving me crazy, made 3 posts on hcs asking for help, but i think i killed the thread for a moment, and got slightly annoying.

If anyone has expirience with sf2comp, i ask if there is a way to make this program work inside windows 10.

Can provvide a dxdiag file, if there is the need.

Thanks for reading.
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