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A couple of Bruce Lee Sprites (SFA3 style)
Was bored, so I edited these. Thanks to Fighter's Generation for the sprites used as bases. Referenced Ryu for the colors, and of course Fei for the base.

[Image: bruce-lee.png]


If I could get a sprite sheet of SFA3 Fei Long, arcade style, I wouldn't mind re-coloring and head swapping it to make Bruce Lee. I was thinking about a moveset for him last night. Was thinking he could just be like a slightly stronger, slightly faster version of Fei Long with a flying kick like Kim Dragon's from World Heroes and with a rapid punch special like his. Also, he could have a Nunchaku super that would function like Strider's Oroboros move with a timer, and some defensive counters similar to Karin / Gouken's.
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