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Armos Knight Redux
So a while back I made an attempt at making an Armos Knight sprite in the style of Minish Cap.

I decided I wanted to revisit that idea.
[Image: HOwESk9.png]
My old attempt is the one on the right.
So I figured I could probably just stop there for the most part, since Armos Knight doesn't have animations.
But I decided I wanted to do something different, give it a life of it's own.

So I started working on animations.
[Image: sSyYuh0.png]
I'm thinking, 'rotating head as it jumps', for the first animation. The other animation I kind of want to do is to have it move it's shield to block incoming arrows, and thrusting it's spear forward as an alternate attack.

But the head rotation is the thing that's getting me stuck.
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