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How to extract Team Sonic Racing textures!
Hey all!

Team Sonic Racing has recently released, and I've figured out a simple way to extract texture files! I've only tested this method on characters so far, but I assume this method will work for stages as well. Also, you won't get any filenames using this method. 
The "cpu.sp2" files in each folder seem to be used to assign names to extracted files. If someone ever makes a tool that uses these files, this method will become obsolete. This is only an early method before someone makes something that is more convenient.

First, you'll need to download X-Ripper.

Next, you'll need to select a file to extract. If you're looking for characters, they are in /data/characters/. Stages are in /data/levels/.

Choose the file ending in "gpu.sp2". Now, choose to only search for DDS files, or else you'll end up with a large amount of corrupt TGA files. 
Now, all you have to do is to is choose where you wish to extract the files and press the "Start searching" button.

And there you go! You've extracted the texture data! All you have to do now is open the files in any software that can read DDS files.

Like I said before, a better method will probably come about later, but this is an easy way to do it for now!

Happy ripping!
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