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Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games 3DS model Rip
I'm trying to rip the models from the 3DS version of Mario & Sonic 2012. I was able to extract the cia's files, but now I'm having trouble trying to open the .cpk files. I wanted to rip the models and upload them here since I've notice no one has ever ripped them before. If it helps I'll post a picture of the files I got after extracting the .cia file.

I don't want to ask anyone to rip them for me, but being pointed in the right direction would be cool.  Cool Tried looking for some .cpk extractors, but for some reason they don't seem to work for me. Or maybe I'm just not using them correctly.
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I remember I did this a few years back and I think I was able to get ahold of meshes and animations and load them in some 3D viewer, so the tools are definately out there.

Unfortunately, I don't have the rips saved and I'm not sure where the tools are. I'll update you if I do find anything.
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