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Final Sky/Cross Summoner
I've just recently started posting my rips from Final Sky (known as Cross Summoner in Japan), a mobile gacha RPG. I made the rips several years ago, as sadly the game's servers were shut down in 2016, rendering the game completely unplayable. I got a little burnt out trying to get everything organized back when I initially did my rips, and now unfortunately I've waited too long and a lot of the game's online information has been taken down, and only some of it can be accessed with the Wayback Machine.

I have a few questions regarding posting various elements of the game:
  • Has anyone played the game, and for some reason not deleted the data from their phone/emulator? The game used a system in which the data for characters was only downloaded once you reach a point in the game when you actually encounter that character, so I know there's one or two characters I missed out on because I never encountered them while playing. If someone has that data, it would be a big help if they could upload it so I could take a look through it for anything I might be missing.
  • Every character has a full art portrait used in menus and such. What's the preferred method for uploading such things? I was planning on uploading each portrait as a "sheet", even though it's only a single image. I've also seen similar things uploaded as a sheet that contains all (or at least many) of them in one image, but that would quickly become huge since they are full-body images. There's also the possibility of uploading them all in a .zip.
  • I decided to break up the characters into categories based on their ratings (common characters are 2*, rare and powerful characters are 5*), so that there wouldn't be one huge category containing the many many characters in the game. However, there's a handful of characters I have sprites for whose star ratings I don't know, because I either never found them in-game, they were unreleased, or I simply forgot to write it down years ago. What category would be best to upload them to? Each of them are definitely either 4* or 5*, so I could pick one at random? I could upload them to an unknown/unreleased category?
  • Some of the monsters have palette swapped versions in the game. I know these are typically combined into a single sheet (for example, the Disgaea units), but would it be acceptable to upload each one as an individual sheet? And if so, would it be better to put everything in a general "Monsters" category, or something like "Monsters: Wolves" and "Monsters: Goblins"?
  • There is at least one character I know I missed, whom I can see all of her frames in a Youtube video uploaded years ago. Obviously I can't simply take screenshots and post them on TSR, but they could be used as reference. I don't know that I'd be able to do it since it would be a great deal of work, but is it acceptable to try and recreate sprites by hand using such a video as reference? Or, if I linked the video, is there anyone who'd be willing to help with something like that?
Sorry for the many questions, and much thanks to TSR for providing a place to preserve these beautiful sprites!
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Hi, I just read your thread and thank you very much for uploading assets from Final Sky.
I don't know much about this game before, but I really like the art style. Artist who makes sprites, one of them is an artist from Pixiv that I follow.
Back to the topic, I just want to provide an active information link, hopefully it can help:

Pixiv Artist (Animated):
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Thanks very much for the links! I knew I'd seen some of the animations on Pixiv years ago, but I wasn't able to track them down again.

Unfortunately, I did already find that Japanese wiki, and from what I can tell it stopped updating several months before the game was shut down. So there's a lot of characters I have files for who aren't on the wiki at all.
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