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Ripping Makai Wars?
Hey, so I've always been just a watcher of this site, and I know Grounder already rips MW sprites, but there's a bit of a delay between each individual update, and I'd like to help in some way, since it is one of the games I love the most!

However, I've been trying all day to figure out how you're supposed to extract them, I've tried the AssetsBundleExtractor, AssetStudio, Unity Studio, and either they give me an error or extract them into "nothing". I did what Fluxux mentioned, if more info needs to be given.

I really apologize if this has been asked in the past, or something like that, I just wanna contribute to one of my most beloved games, even if as Grounder said, very few people actually care about it. I also apologize if this is extremely "newbie-ish" to ask.
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