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MonadoBoy16's sound rip discoveries
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I'm going to post some interesting things when I ripped sounds.

I'll do the first two. NOTE: this will be updated when I see more sounds.

Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion XL (WII)
This game was my first sounds rips on the Sounds Resource, now here are some interesting things I discovered

I discovered, that, HIM (Yes, I put his name in all caps because that's HIM from the PowerPuff Girls), has two files that have the same sound. you wanna know why, he still contains his assist sound in the games files.

Veerdle Brothers
This is a more confusing one, when you look in the files, it says octa. At first, I thought it was a placeholder name, until I looked up, and he is from the Veerdle Brothers.

Nicktoons Unite (GCN)
Obviously, this is more interesting, when you play Nicktoons Unite, you notice that the cutscenes are in game, well, GUESS WHAT, All of the audio for the cutscenes are in the games files, but also, they're Played individually, I also noticed lots of unused dialogue.
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