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Poll: Should I use screenshots to get Spongy Boy's animations?
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PSX SuperSponge's Spongebob Sprites
Since nobody apparently wants to rip the PSX Spongebob, I'm gonna do it.
Since there ain't much stuff to go from, I have to use the highest-quality screenshots in order to even get his jump animation.
All I have is the stand animation:
[Image: 4a6d4682b4.png]
Literally, that's all I have.
And it's taken from this:
[Image: 6822996c7c.png]
Hopefully I can get at least half of Spongebob's animations.

+ It's likely in the wrong folder.
[Image: a72eb74edc.png]
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Good luck!
[Image: b1.php?u=39480955]
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Or maybe I'll just do a wacky pile of custom sprites and put it in the Custom/Edited platform.
[Image: a72eb74edc.png]
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