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psv .tga graphic format&pck archive
Hello, masters! 

I'm interested in PSV tales of hearts R.
The most used in TOHR are *.tga & *.pck

*.tga is a kind of graphic format, but not regualr tga format, maybe encrypted or something else
*.pck maybe a kind of archive, 

I'm a newb here and call for help.
would anyone can help me to get a solution to extract these files?

I searched many threads, but with no result.
noesis, bms.............

I uploaded *.tga & *.pck files

Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!
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the tga files look encrypted or compressed

pck file likely a properiatry compressed package

FACE_ACT.bin is a compressed file using LZMA but is missing data

not sure about others, you should search online

also fixed your download link
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