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New and Improved Beavis and Butthead Sega Genesis Sprite Sheet
Was always disappointed that they never got a good game. Decided to add some punches and kicks, as well as a climbing ladder animation. Also, added some alternate death sprites for Butthead and some getting up sprites. 

I also got rid of all of the stupid looking animations that were in the game. I know it was a stupid show (but still funny), but they still could have made a decent game out of it if they had tried. 

There are two ways to do the basic attacks (beat em up style). You could do combinations of 4, each hit counting towards the combo like the Simpsons Arcade. Or you could do the jab jab, hit hit hit, things like Streets of Rage 2 Axel.

Anyways here it is, hope you like:

[Image: Beavis-and-Butthead.png]
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Nice work. You can update through the game's page on the site!
[Image: b1.php?u=39480955]
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Thanks. What do you mean?
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