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Hello all! How to request for a model to be uploaded?
Hey there, you can just call me fire4flames! I am a self-taught CG generalist and animator, Sonic, Nintendo, Platinum Games, and Bomberman fan.

I am new to the topic of model ripping though. That's why I decided to join this awesome community in the hopes of learning about ripping models, model theory in general, to share my existing knowledge of CG, and to find some cool stuff that I can use for my fan projects. As I am new here, please forgive any questions which you, an experienced user may find annoying.

That leads to my first question.If we want to request a model to be uploaded, is there a page where we can do this? Please forgive my long message as I understand that your time is valuable. Thanks in advance, and I'll see you around!
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Ah yes. Please forgive my lengthiness. I definitely need to read up some stuff.
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