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Mighty and Tiara custom Sonic sprites
As my first post, I'll like to showcase my first custom Sonic sprites that I've been working on.

So far, I've been working on some Sonic 8 bit sprites of Mighty and Tiara in Triple Trouble  (TT) and Sonic 1 SMS (Sega Master System) style as well as Tiara in style of the Genesis games and Mania.

These would be eventually finished into full sprite sheets of their respective game style. As I'm planning to make rom hacks to include Mighty in Sonic 1 SMS and Triple Trouble and Tiara in Classic Sonic Games (Also a Mania mod that would be called "Tiara the Manx in Sonic Mania". So far my sprite sheet progress has been slow as these are very hard to work on.) Sad 

What do you think of my sprites? (I know there's not much to showcase). Suggestions for improving these sprites or some tips on custom Sonic sprite design would be appreciated as your suggestions would make it easier for me to fix and work more on these sprites as this is my first time making customs.  Smile

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This looks really good. I've rarely seen any custom 3D blast sprites. Especially, sonic related ones. Keep up the good work. [Image: thumbs-up.gif]
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Hello, sorry. Been ages since I last posted. I've been improving my "Mighty in Sonic 1 SMS style" sprites. I've been also re doing most of  my sprites from scratch because they look like poorly made Sonic edits. Such as the Tiara sprites from the previous post (espeically the Sonic 3D Blast style)  and Mighty in Triple trouble style. 

Here is the progress I've done so far. Apologies for not showing so much. Sad I've made comparsions from my old sprites:

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Looks quite interesting so far. My only problems so far only regard Tiara. It's a good start, but her face looks too much like Sonic's in a lot of the sprites. This is especially apparent on the signpost sprites. The ponytail (?) on the 3D Blast sprites also doesn't really change angles as Tiara changes the direction she faces. But that's all i've got to say. Can't wait to see what else you make in the future.
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