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Mighty and Tiara custom Sonic sprites
As my first post, I'll like to showcase my first custom Sonic sprites that I've been working on.

So far, I've been working on some Sonic 8 bit sprites of Mighty and Tiara in Triple Trouble  (TT) and Sonic 1 SMS (Sega Master System) style as well as Tiara in style of the Genesis games and Mania.

These would be eventually finished into full sprite sheets of their respective game style. As I'm planning to make rom hacks to include Mighty in Sonic 1 SMS and Triple Trouble and Tiara in Classic Sonic Games (Also a Mania mod that would be called "Tiara the Manx in Sonic Mania". So far my sprite sheet progress has been slow as these are very hard to work on.) Sad 

What do you think of my sprites? (I know there's not much to showcase). Suggestions for improving these sprites or some tips on custom Sonic sprite design would be appreciated as your suggestions would make it easier for me to fix and work more on these sprites as this is my first time making customs.  Smile

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This looks really good. I've rarely seen any custom 3D blast sprites. Especially, sonic related ones. Keep up the good work. [Image: thumbs-up.gif]
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Hello, sorry. Been ages since I last posted. I've been improving my "Mighty in Sonic 1 SMS style" sprites. I've been also re doing most of  my sprites from scratch because they look like poorly made Sonic edits. Such as the Tiara sprites from the previous post (espeically the Sonic 3D Blast style)  and Mighty in Triple trouble style. 

Here is the progress I've done so far. Apologies for not showing so much. Sad I've made comparsions from my old sprites:

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Looks quite interesting so far. My only problems so far only regard Tiara. It's a good start, but her face looks too much like Sonic's in a lot of the sprites. This is especially apparent on the signpost sprites. The ponytail (?) on the 3D Blast sprites also doesn't really change angles as Tiara changes the direction she faces. But that's all i've got to say. Can't wait to see what else you make in the future.
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Sorry for thread bumping, it's been a while. Also sorry for the awkward formatting, I can't seem to change it.
I'm not going to show so much today, that's because I took a break from this project. As I've stated on my previous post, I wanted to redo my sprites. I did, I'm now undecided on two designs. Once I've chosen one of them to work on, I can finally start making sprite sheets.To start things of, I've been making mulitple versions of my Tiara B in Sonic 2 and Mania style. I'm also going to start on a S3K style sheet as well.

Tiara B Sonic 2 Style Changelog:

V1: This is the earliest known design I've made. Well, it looks too much like a poorly edited Sonic sprite. (IKR?)
This is because I was new to custom/edited sprite making.
Eventually I quickly wanted to redo this design thanks to Wiztoad for stating on being like a Sonic edit.
I also decided not to contiune on making the sprite sheet, which I was doing at the same time.

V1-2: This one's actually pretty interesting, as soon I made my last post I started to redo my previous version.
Since it looks quite similar to my previous design.
I chose to redo her front hair, face and eye lashes,
however I kept the body and hair parts as I was quite happy with those (at the time of making this version).
I named it V1-2 because it looks similar between Version 1 and 2.

V2: Same as the previous versions but I edited her head to make it slightly thinner so it won't look ugly.
No major changes here. Eventually I decided to take a break from my project as I realized I couldn't realy work any further.

V3: Fast forward to July, I chose to go back working on this project again.
I decided I'm going to redraw her facial parts from scratch and edit more of her head so it won't look too much like a Sonic edit.
Took a look at some offical concept art and realized that her head is actually slightly rounded. Almost like a circle.
So I decided work on it and chose to add my sprite some eye detail and a smile, as it would show off her personality and give her
some expression. I've also used Cartoon Animate 22's ribbon part from his custom sprite, as it looks miles better than mine.
Credit to him for the ribbon part. This is the best version I've made so far.

V4: I chose to look back at my older versions and "combined" them all together to make my unique custom design,
although it has similarities between all versions. (Mostly from V2.)
I'm currently undecided to use either this design or V3 as they look way better than my eariler versions.
Not to mention they both look really good. (In my opinion)

Now in the bottom left hand corner of my image (below the disassembled heads) I'm also working on some new designs:
Sonic 3K (Which I would be eventually make a sprite sheet soon)
Lapper's style (Based on his amazing Sonic sprites for his upcoming Sonic Studio Project, credit for his Sonic sprite which I used as a base)
Later Design (Tiara in her later design, which was showed in gaming magazines (like E.G.M) closer to Sonic X-treme's cancellation, credit to
Cartoon Animate 22 for the hair, shoes and body.)

That's all I have for now. Apologies if I bored you or not.
Huge thanks to Wiztoad and Cartoon Animate 22 for giving me feedback. Really appericate it Smile
Edit: Never mind, I've fixed the formatting.

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This may not count but anyway, just a quick update: I'm finally starting to make Tiara's sprite sheet in her Sonic 3K Style:

What do you think of them? (I know it's not that much). I've also included the parts and a custom pose, as I'll be focusing mainly on the base Sonic 3K moveset (including unused animations) and of course, custom poses.

This mini sheet includes, her completed idle animation, a work in progress jumping sprite, spin dashing animation, a few frames of her running animation (Based on Sonic's), her live icon and finally a custom pose.

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Sorry (again) here's another quick update, I'm working on my SMS style sheet again. (Man so much WIP that I have).
Not only I'm working on Tiara and Mighty, but Ray also. If you can, what do you think of them? Hope this counts!

EDIT: My apologies for the very late edit. I wasn't paying attention when making this post, the Mighty and Ray sprites actually come from the fangame "Sonic 1 SMS remake" which are done by PixelMarioXP btw, although the Tiara sprites are actually done by me. However, I'm making a expanded version of Ray and Mighty (kinda off topic here), which would cover both Sonic 1 and 2 SMS versions and some extra Sonic 3K movements as well. I'll make sure to credit PixelMarioXP when I'm finished with Mighty and Ray.

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I know you may be already bored of me only showing off work in progress sprites (that's because the purpose of this project is to make Tiara (a forgotten Sonic character) into many game or even one' custom Sonic styles, with giving credit as well. Due to Tiara having hardly any sprites of her already made). The reason I don't show big sprite sheets is because of me working on many styles at the same time and I can't decide which design style should I solely work on first. Anyway here's something that may "interest" you: This is a proof-of-cocept sheet of Tiara in Sonic Crackers (the earilest known prototype of Knuckles' Chaotix) and in a "Super 32X" design, which is similar to the final version of Chaotix on the Sega 32X. What do you think of the look of the them?


The reason I'm making many designs of her is due to me planning to make a Gamemaker Studio fan game called "Sonic the Hedgehog Legacy" which is similar to Mega Man: The Wily Wars. The game allows you to play remakes of Sonic's classic Genesis games (including scrapped zones and beta styles as skins to ensure no duplicate zones) and Mania in any order you like, and once you beat them, you get to play a mode that is an original Classic Sonic game with all new zones (and some old ones, certainly NOT Green Hill and Chemical Plant zone as it would already be in the game) and special stages. So far there is very little progress but it's all going well. The game is supposed to showchase Sonic's past and it was my idea of what would Mania turn out as before it was released. The fan game would include many customization options for changing the skin on things such as the monitors, the HUD and the character's sprites in Classic Sonic game styles.
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