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Ripping models from perfect dark XBLA
So far I have the Iso and an emulator, my plan was to play the game so i can get a certain part to use ninja ripper to rip some skedar models but two issues
1. Right now the emulator xenia doesn't allow rebinding keys (its does but not in a easy way).
2. from the start it says unlock full game (witch i'm going to assume it won't let progress any further in game because its a demo)
So i gave up on using ninja ripper and looked for a way to extract the resources from the file it self (models, sounds, textures, etc) but found nothing, Any type of help, tools and pointers would be greatly appreciated.  Smile

P.S other things

1. the file i have is NOT an ISO, its a xbox 360 live container data file and i have no way of getting into it to grab the resources.
2. the emulator i used is xenia.
3.I would use my xbox one controller but its broken.
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