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Learning to sprite with JewyB: Lesson 1
Okay, so, i've been away for a while, but upon coming back i've had an idea, so, welcome to JewyB's sprite school!

I'm going to be going back through the basics, with everyone, starting with simple things such as perspective and linework, then moving upto colour choices, shading, texturing, readability, etc.

I am not the best spriter here by a long stretch, but i feel that i have enough understanding of artistic methods to do things that will benefit everyone, and its all going to start with these ten eleven boxes:

[Image: F0QO6yX.png]

So, for anyone who feels like going back and taking a stab at the basics, get ready for....


Okay, so, these eleven boxes are yours, and the perspective line is there for a reason, but probably not the one you think. 

I want you to take these ten boxes into MSPaint, Gimp, Photoshop, whatever you use, and i want you to add depth. I want you to use the perspective line and make these squares into cuboids, however, i dont want you to use the line tool!

You have two vanishing points at either side, you can choose which one you work towards, but here is a rough example:

[Image: Huhpvyz.png]

As you can see, its slightly off, but thats okay, we're not focusing on a harsh perspective with this lesson, just making the boxes, 3D. I do, however, want you to have much tidier lines, mine were created quickly, using the pencil tool in MSPaint, i want you to do similar, but then tidy up your lines in order to create a nice edge.

You can choose the depth and direction, also, dont be afriad, draw THROUGH the box, we aren't worried about the finished result yet, just about the end result of the lines.

So, the rules are simple:

1. Don't use the line tool.
2. Don't draw back to the perspective, eyeball it(This will come in handy later).
3. Make sure your lines are clean, this is all about tidy lines.

I will comment on everyones results afterwords, and give tips and advice i think might be helpful. They will come in a seperate topic along with lesson 2.

And remember, cheating here only cheats yourself. The goal is not to be perfect, the goal is to practice and improve. If you use the line tool and pre-plan, it will come out looking nice but you wont learn anything.

NEXT LESSON: Perspective.
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