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I need help with PKG files from a PS2 game
I have an ISO of Destroy All Humans! 2 for the PS2. I've tried using PCSX2 in combination with NinjaRipper to rip the models with little to no success. The ISO runs perfectly fine on PCSX2 and I can play it okay on my laptop--albeit at a frame rate averaging around 8 fps. When I tried to extract some of the meshes, I came across two big problems. The first and foremost is that the meshes are compressed to two dimensions, it just shows up completely flat. The second thing is that when I looked at the two dimensional mesh head on, I realized that the meshes were in the position of when I ripped them in-game. This is not what I'm looking for--I want a mesh of characters in their 'T-pose' (the default pose with arms extended out to the sides).

I figure there has to be some way of directly getting the models from the game files without having to get them while in-game. I ended up going inside the iso and looking into a folder; inside there were folders labelled 'ab,' 'bc,' 'mb,' 'tk,' and 'tu,' which I'm guessing are references to the game locations: Albion, Bay City, Solaris (Moon Base), Takoshima, and Tunguska respectively. Inside each one are four files: DISCARD.PKG, RESIDENT.PKG, STREAM.PKG, and a DIR file of the same label as the folder. I'm guessing the character meshes are in the RESIDENT.PKG, hence the name. I'm not one hundred percent sure how to go about getting into these PKG files though. Truth be told, I can barely find any information on the internet that PKG files even exist for PS2--and these are rejected whenever I try to open them in a PS4 PKG program.

Does anyone know a way of extracting PKG files from PS2 games?
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