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Help needed figuring out the X3D Files from the Precure games.
Hi guys, 

I've started figuring out the X3D Files from the 3DS Precure games( Smile Precure and Happiness Charge Precure; Doki Doki Precure is using BCMDL Files instead).

So far I've only managed to get the Vertices out of every file I've tested. I'm struggling with getting the Face Index and the UV coordinates.

5 chars CINFP Always the same
11 bytes cushion
12 Bytes Unknown Always the same for the same type( eg top, head, accessory, etc)
4 Bytes Unknown Always different
12 Bytes Unknown
4 Bytes Unknown
48 Chars File Name and Timestamp

CHIE Block
4 chars CHIE
short unknown
10 Bytes cushion

SHIE Block
4 chars SHIE
short CMDL Block Offset( relative to this block)

CMDL Block
4 Chars CMDL
4 Bytes Unknown
8 Bytes Cushion

SMDL Block
4 Chars SMDL
1 Byte Number of Sub Meshes?

This is all I found out about the Files so far.

The Files can be found here.

I also added a smaller archive with fewer samples.

It would be great, if you could help me figure this format out or could give some advice on how to figure the rest out myself.

Update: I did manage to get the Face Index and the UV Offsets in most models. The only Models, where I don't get the Face Index right are the Head Models. These use at least two face groups, namely the Eyes, and the rest of the head. The Faces for the Left eye are fairly simple to get, starting the same offset( exactly 16 bytes after the end of the Vertex Block), as in other x3d files. Am I missing something obvious?            

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