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Fading Into the Shadows
Hi VG Resource, I wanted to let the people of the internet know that I’m stepping down as staff. It’s been a h*ck of a ride but I can’t keep up with the activity of the sites anymore with the many events going on in my life.

I know the current staff will do just fine without me and will continue to make the site as awesome as it can be. I’ve put many, many years into this place and wish nothing but the best for it since it helped shape a lot about my character, and I’ll try not to disappear forever and plan to still contribute to the resources when I can because that’s always been a passion of mine.

Happy spriting, happy listening, and happy modeling! It’s been fun - thanks! Don’t forget to brush your teeth and fold your shirt so it doesn’t wrinkle!
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Farewell, dear friend. You'll always have a place in our hearts and we wish you the very best in all of your future endeavors.
Grabbed by the Ghoulies is a good game.

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Thank you for everything you have done for the sites over the years! I said it on Discord but I’ll say it here too - should circumstances change and you find yourself wanting to return to the staff, just let me know. There will always be a place for you here. In the meantime though, I wish you all the best with everything you have going on in the real world.
So long, Shade. Thank you for helping make the VG Resource the place it is.
And best of luck with everything.
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Retired Staff Gang
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Waluigi hates this.
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Ton's most wanted rips: Time Splitters 2 Models (Gamecube/PS2), Radiant Historia Characters (DS), Final Fantasy 4 Models (DS),  Final Fantasy 7 models (Playstation/PC), Bravely Default/Second Models (3DS), Clay Fighter 2 fighters (SNES)
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