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One Piece World Seeker?
I've been so excited to get my hands on this game and after how easy it was to crack into jump force i was really optimistic about world seeker but it seems like its a little more complicated than i can handle on my own

extracting the cpks produces this:
[Image: dd29vf6-e51fe9c7-916e-43fb-a310-b8e42a94...46kFkj-FbY]
a whole bunch of nameless, extensionless files. a lot of them have the jarc header (some are jtex but ive been unable to open them so far) so they're easy enough to extract but often they spit out more nameless files or stuff like this:
[Image: dd29vgz-f6e1ac35-d36d-4625-adc9-5e63ac0a...aLgcGtKrzI]
with all these jtex/jmot/jarc files i thought for sure this game would use the jmdl format for models like unlimited world red did but it seems it actually uses something called a cmsh which ive never heard of before. it seems to be a new format, so im not really sure how to go about cracking them open

if anyone would be willing to help me out, here are some sample files from one of the jarcs:
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