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Quick Blender Texturing Guide
(This was requested, not sure how in depth I should go with this so I'm only covering diffuse textures)

Import blank model, then switch view to Material View, next to the Object/Edit Mode dropdown:
  • Adjust lighting properties or add a new light if you can't see anything yet
  • [Image: 8.PNG]
Go to the Materials Tab on the right sidebar:
  • Click a material in the Materials Box to make it active
  • [Image: 9.PNG]

Go to the Textures Tab next to the materials tab:

  • Make sure the Materials Icon is highlighted
  • Add a New Texture with the + Icon if there isn't one there already
  • Click Open under the Image section and search the folders for the texture. (Its usually the same name as the current material selected)
  • [Image: 10.PNG]
Results (I didnt add the face textures yet, this ones not perfect.)

[Image: 11.PNG]
[Image: tumblr_pjfl99AB3D1v857c1o1_400.gif][Image: tumblr_pjfl99AB3D1v857c1o1_400.gif][Image: tumblr_pjfl99AB3D1v857c1o1_400.gif]
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