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Collaborate with dead or unavailable artists

[Image: 7677981_p0_master1200.jpg]

Basically this artist is gone, after a long battle with cancer, per the blog's description...
I've been eyeing to have the style of the artist since s4 league but there''s no clue or tutorial...
How do i get the permission to use this artist's style, officially and creditted to the artist?
to make an app/games?
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(03-10-2019, 04:04 PM)CorruptTurret Wrote: The term wouldn't be "collaborate."
Not a lawyer, but I believe you're unlikely to run into issues using  a "style" if you're not just making close to carbon copies of the author's works. You could credit them as being an influence in your design...

Why so intent on drawing so heavily from things (this and DMC/whatever)? Are they really that amazing, or do they happen to fit your vision to the letter???

I see, so it's just credit the artist.

What do you mean by so heavily? Well, i just choose them because they are done and to thousand other title that never got realeased and blablab..

another reason is, for those independent artist is because i like their style and i feel they have not gotten a widespread production of their work in a proper animation and games..
I feel dwarfen by their skill, and it made me feel like i need to become their assistant of sorts and learn their craft...
so it's not...i don't know...competitive?

Basically...can someone reverse engineer the creatipn of this artstyle?

Layer by layer or by common logics??
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