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Retsu, Geki, Lee, Joe, Mike, and Ryu from SF1 sprite sheets... Alpha Style!
For some reason, my SF1 Ryu sprite sheet got jacked up... here it is again:

[Image: ryu-sf1-sprite-sheet.png]
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And here's Mike. Damn this one was tough! Took forever! Lots of detail and I have to thank DaiKuwabara again for drawing the original sprite that I used as a base. Thanks to this site too for the Balrog sprites. He still needs his specials and a few more basic sprites here and there, but for the most part he is finished. Hopefully one day we will see a SF1 remake:

[Image: mike-sprite-sheet.png]

I want to make some fake screenshots soon, I think that will look cool :p

Also, I wanted to try and get these done for Lee. I think if I can get them done, then it will be enough for a full game because then, all of the characters will have their moves from SF1 and will be able to take damage, block, jump, crouch and get knocked down. There is still a long ways to go, but it is getting closer.

[Image: lee-essential.png]
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