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Thoughts on Super Mario Maker 2?
Did Ya guys watched the Nintendo direct? its was gold when this came up...then it drowngraded to bad...then back to good with the links awakening remake... i wasnt that bad...
i kinda loved how mario maker 2 added a 3D World theme and cat suit...even pipes to transport fireballs!
im kinda waiting to see what is the comunnity gonna do with this game..(Mods,Rippings)

a tráiler for your  curiosity Wink
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I'm content with the direct just because I feel like there's at least some new stuff worth looking into. Putting aside moar Animu Arr Pee Gees.

But on a serious note I think we all knew Super Mario Maker 2 was gonna happen. I'm glad that it got confirmed too because i've been waiting to get my fix of a new one since I sold off my wii u. Also I'm thankful that there are slopes and more background choices from the looks of it, and the option to have luigi in there too.
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