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Need Help Finding Specific Game
Edit: Realized this thread should have gone here, and deleted the other one.

Hi, I'm looking for a game that a background came from:

[Image: tumblr_inline_pmfio07ryG1ruluti_400.png]

I had the game, once upon a time, and am looking to find it again. The thing is, I don't remember the name of the game. I apologize is this is the wrong section for this, I wasn't sure if this kind of thread would go here, or in the texture ripping section. I recall the game had you sneaking into a castle to assassinate someone. This set here is from inside the first area where the first mission takes place. I'm searching for the game because I need the resources for a project I want to do. It's in relation to an otome game called Ikemen Sengoku. I make SMAS-style sprites, and I've been doing the characters from IkeSen (first single pose, then once each one has a default, sheets for animation/comics next). I intend to make backgrounds for certain areas, and I remembered this game had the right textures I was looking for that I could modify and scale to match the scale of the sprites themselves. If anyone recognizes this game, I would be thankful. As I said, I only want the name, the ripping I can do myself. But if someone recognizes this, and there's already a full set of backgrounds for this ripped, that'll make it even easier. I just wish I could remember what the game was called. Anyway, thank you for any help. And sorry if this is the wrong section. Hopefully the attachment fully loads as that's the outdoor area if it helps. I grabbed it all myself, but somehow don't have the game anymore.

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