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[help] Another Hyrule Warriors thread, and posible coming rip (no R.I.P.) project
Hi guys!

I am currently developing my own indie Zelda game, which basically uses maaaaaaany models from Hyrule Warrios and others Zelda games (oot, mm 3D...).

These are all my current sources (maybe I miss other sources, I'll just put the main ones Wink ): (this site of course)

I need all the models (when I say all are all): items, weapons, characters, bosses, enemies, etc... 

So I had to download Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Definitive edition but my problem begins here. I need to learn how to extract the files of each game, sorry I'm totally noob on this.

Could someone pls guide me to achieve this?
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If you have the iso of definitive edition get romfs explorer then extract the bin.gz files then follow the instructions on this page this was a technique used for fire emblem warriors but it also works for hyrule warriors definitive edition its just basically download the program drag the bin.gz into the program and then that will give you a folder with g1m and g1t files m is models and t is textures bring them into the program you will be given the ascii files then bring it into a program assign the textures convert the format if need be then your done good luck. Please send me a link to your game when it's done I'd love to play it. Also if by any chance you find a way to rip maps please let me know I've been trying to figure it out for months but I've had no luck if you can figure it out please let me know how to do it I would love to rip stages from the game thank you and good luck.
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