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Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days voices?
So The Sounds Resource has voice files for each and every character from both EN and JP versions, all except for Xion. I'd like to know how to rip the voice clips myself, does anyone on this forum know how?

It's an NDS game, but I dunno anything about ripping voice files from it.
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All the audio is in a SDAT container, which Tinke and a few other programs can read.
I would have recommended MKDS Course Modifier but that crashes. 32-bit program, I guess. VGMToolbox is also a thing, but it just extracts content in their source format.

Basically, just use Tinke. You can get WAVs from the SWAV sounds that way.

To try and make myself seem less incompetent after that model downscaling fiasco (remember that?), here's the sum of Xion's voice data that I could find myself. If I missed anything Very Sad
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To further add, some games have their swav's named, others do not. You must separate the sound files by voice and sound effects, especially if they aren't named.
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