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Help with sorting the sound effects from Warioware: Mega Party Game$
I ripped the all the sounds from Warioware: Mega Party Game$, which is a lot of sounds (1,053 to be exact). So, any amount of help with sorting, or suggestions on how to organize them appropriately would be much appreciated, as some of the clips are hard to determine what exactly they belong to.
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If the game has characters, sort by individual characters and submit them under a "Voices" section. Does it have sound effects? Submit that under a "Miscellaneous" section. if the sound effects they named and there's a bunch of each, they can be broken down into sub-categories (ie. Ambience, Weapons Sound Effects, Character Sound Effects, etc.) Minimum requirements for organization are to have a submission as "Voices" and "Sound Effects".
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That does simplify things, thanks.
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