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Want your request fulfilled? READ THIS
Hey - Kosheh here, community mod. We've decided to adopt a more lax request policy on the forums now, so I figured I'd just throw down a few suggestions if you want to maximize the chances of your requests getting approved.

  • Don't be a slavedriver
  • Big big requests like custom things are best off asked in Commissions
  • Keep realistic expectations
  • Be polite
  • This is a quiet forum. Be patient, as it may be a while before you get a reply.
  • Even you can rip too. Check out our Wiki and Discord for tips and advice on how to do so
In detail:
  • No one is obligated to work for free
    This really needs to be emphasized first and foremost. The members of this community are not your personal slaves, so please don't go about treating them like they are. If you do, the staff will be notified and you'll likely be warned for harassment.
    If you're looking for an OC to be modeled or a notoriously difficult encryption to be reverse-engineered to the point where you need custom software written, this probably isn't the subforum for you. You'll have a better chance over in the Commissions subforum, as people will likely be more than happy to fulfill your trickier requests in exchange for money or work in an equal amount of value ["I'll write you a poem if you draw my OC"].
    I mean, you could post a request for your OC to be sprited or modeled or something for free, but don't expect it to be fulfilled anytime soon.

  • Tone down your expectations, and be kind to others
    Instead of asking for every single asset in the game to be ripped, maybe just ask them to rip a character you really want...or two. Odds are that if they figure it out and you're a nice guy, they'll be more than happy to teach you how they did it. And what's better than one person ripping all the assets of the game when there are now two people who can rip from that game!

  • Be realistic with your requests
    The people who rip models and sprites and sounds all have lives - their obligations first and their hobbies second. Their hobby might happen to be reverse engineering! Nice! But no one is going to rip every asset from a game, just for you, by next Saturday for your school project. That's infeasible unless they quit their job and you're paying them a working wage in 2019.

    Please keep this in mind when you're talking to people about possibly fulfilling your request. Talking down to them is going to make them less likely to fulfill your request. Don't try to haggle, either - this stuff is hard work, and these folks really deserve their due diligence.

  • Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime
    This isn't really to do with requesting, but it's worth mentioning. If you find out how to do a real cool thing, and I mean real cool, feel free to share it on our Wiki as there's several others willing to learn how to do the same thing*! The more you share, the more we as a community can learn and grow. And who knows? Maybe we'll reach a point where requesting becomes irrelevant because we'll all have that knowledge posted somewhere so you can pull those assets from the game within a day or two. B)

    * Some people may not be OK with you sharing their trade secrets. Respect their wishes.

  • The harsh reality aka "State of the Community"
    This is a rather quiet forum and most of the community has since moved to our Discord server to share their creative works or ask for advice on rips. As a result, don't expect an answer within a few hours; it might be a few days or even weeks before someone responds to your topic.
    Simply put, we heavily encourage you learn to rip assets from games rather than ask us to rip them for you. Of course, if you need a set of sprites or a model of a character for a fun personal project, go ahead and continue writing that topic.
    * The creative side of our community has really slumped in the past few years, the odds of people stepping up to create custom sprites or models for you are slim to none. Once again, your best bet for that is to head over to the Commissions board and work something out with an entrepreneurial soul.
    ** This is always subject to change should the board surge in popularity somehow, but that seems highly unlikely in 2019.

I think this pretty much touches on everything. If anything else pops up should a trend in the subforum change, I'll update this as needed.
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Hey it's me your friendly mod Kosheh with a BONUS POST with a HELPFUL TIP: a KILLER one that'll REALLY get those requests fulfilled.

I keep seeing requests like this

Quote:Can someone rip me a model of Bugs Bunny from Looney Tunes game
Quote:Ripping single frog from Funny Wilderness title
Quote:Ripping backgrounds from Super Mario RPG???

Now there's something really novel about this: you're asking for one SPECIFIC ASSET from a VERY SPECIFIC GAME. This is not very motivating for someone who reverse engineers these games as a hobby. This is about as exciting as your mom asking you
Quote:Have you finished your project due Friday?

No one wants to rip one thing. Or maybe they do, I don't know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but think about something for a spicy minute: Games nowadays have folder structures and directories. Games from the past usually have sprites that are compressed down for optimal storage. Digging through like this the smart, techie way - and not only that, instead of getting ONE asset, the ripper has the chance to get ALL the assets.

So in the future, why phrase your requests like this:
Quote:Looking for a few models from Birth by Sleep
when you can ask:
Quote:Extracting character models from Birth by Sleep?

Oh right - that's the other thing: If and when you ask it this way, the brilliant ripper who'll fulfill your request may feel obligated to share how they managed to do it. If they do, odds are you can replicate the process yourself and revisit the game as many times as you need to...and if you get stuck with errors, we could probably help you through those as well.

And if they do share that process, feel free to post how on our Wiki! (I mean that's pretty much the idea behind it)

You probably didn't read the first post anyway but hopefully you'll read this one! Happy requesting!
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