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[MUSIC] Free Video Game Music
Hey there!

My name is Patrick de Arteaga, although my nickname was always Varon Kein, but anyway, if you want you can call me "that guy".
I have dedicated part of my life to compose music for video games, for independent developers. Today, I have a wide repertoire of free video game music without copyright that you can use in your game projects. This is no copyright music with a creative commons attribution license, which means that you may use it your video games as long as you give credit (mention me or my website).

Let's get to the point. Listen and download the tracks you want here:

If your game is using original or not ripped resources because you are planning to monetize it, don't worry, my music is also valid for commercial games, you just have to give credit to my website.
Also, you can edit and modify my music tracks freely as long as you keep giving credit.

I hope you like it and be useful for your projects. Feel free to comment anything here, like "hey That Guy your music sucks!" I'll be happy to read.
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