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My Hero Academia - What's Your Quirk?
there's an anime called My Hero Academia, and it's amazing. I'm REALLY picky with anime, and don't usually like superhero stuff, but I LOVE this anime, I suggest you check it out. anyway, there are people who have "quirks," which are essentially mutations that give each person a different power.

fans of the series: what would your hero/villain name be, and what is your quirk?

my hero name would be Outrage. even though I wanted to give myself a quirk that represented my happy side, there's no denying that, when I get angry, I GET ANGRY, and I think it could be useful for being a hero if I made sure to control it. I probably would've been on the path to being a villain. I'm not sure exactly what path I would take, if I'm honest with myself. it depends on if having the quirk makes me power hungry. well, let's pretend I want to be a hero. I would have two things that ensure I keep control. there'd be a sort of crown on my head with censors attached to the front and back of the head, and it would read my level of anger. green is obviously not angry at all. if it fills all the way to red, i would need to have the panic button pressed, which would be on a cuff on my left wrist. this could be difficult. if I were out of control, my true self would still be fighting to get through. if I can get control for just long enough to press the panic button, I could calm down. I could also press it to calm down if I knew my anger level was getting too high. if I were with other people, someone else could also press the panic button. I would wear it even when not in costume.

when the dark form is out of control, my yellow eyes would turn red. don't be fooled by the angry side though; I am able to feel all other emotions quite strongly, and that includes happiness. I am very kind until something manages to tick me off, though i would have built up a lot of endurance, so it would take a lot for my dark form to get out of control.

I have three drawings if you'd like to see them (I'm not very good at drawing, sorry).

normal form:
dark form:
debut picture:
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