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Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 Model Rip Progress
Models I ripped From GW2 so far
(Started with the sunflowers because it's my favorite plant class)
[Image: rp4wUE0.png]
[Image: aLhWZ7Z.png]
[Image: COcsfNY.png]
[Image: G1tSyku.png]
Update 1/10/19

[Image: Di7wk1A.png]
[Image: 1x62BZi.png]
Update 1/11/19
[Image: 7dhNmms.png]
[Image: aFEyvRW.png]
I will continue to rip models from this game if I have the time
Also the game is still pending and the models have yet to be approved
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Oh nice. I fully support this project!
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