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Reputation System
Just a quick heads-up so nobody is confused when they go looking for a button they can't find - as of about 20 minutes ago, I disabled the reputation system due to an ever-increasing number of issues caused by its misuse. It's been a headache for a long time now but especially recently, there's been a ton of people causing trouble with it and I just don't feel it's worth keeping the system live any longer.
When I saw it replaced with a warning %, I first thought to myself, "What the heck could I have done wrong?!"

At least I know it's not my fault, now. Smile
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That warning indicator used to display in place of rep only if your warning level was above 0. It now just displays by default but if it shows 0%, you haven’t done anything wrong so don’t worry!
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To be honest, the difficulty of gaining rep made me forget it was even a feature of the site to begin with.
Ah well. I figured it was an easy way to cause problems anyways.
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Oh bummer, I'm gonna miss it...but probably no one else will

Now how is everyone going to know I'm a friendly moderator who really helps gets your head back in the game after you vent on the Real Life forum ):
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shoutouts to cutesu for the new av!
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Hmm... You could try putting it in your signature? Post everywhere telling people? Send everyone around you PMs about it?

The possibilities are endless...
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Come to think of it the moment I read this thread I'm glad that it's gone now. Less negativity on the boards granted that people in the past have often used it to be dicks towards others. Myself not being perfect with it either.
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Actually I just realized something.

Are the rules regarding the reputation system going to be edited out of the rules section at some point within the coming future? I'm assuming that it will be but just to point out ahead of time it would seem a bit odd that they would still be there a week or so after the fact the system is gone now.
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Good call - totally forgot there were rep rules in there too. I’ll edit them out. Thanks!
Ahh... i see why i didnt found it anywhere! it was removed... sad, i really liked the reputation system. I wanted to give a friend 1 point of reputation because his rips are amazing. But well...
...And yet i now live again.
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FREE FREE AT LAST! Thank god, I hate reputation systems in general and embarrassing things I posted years ago were stuck to my face like a gum under my shoe because of it.
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