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Smash Kirby help
I recently posted this sprite sheet in TSR
[Image: Smash_Kirby.png]
This got rejected, which is fine. But the reason for it has me a little baffled. The reason was "there isn't much editing going on". I would beg to differ on that.  Sure, i used sprites from the regular Kirby's Adventure. But i edited and rearranged them in a way that made completely new poses.  If anyone can evaluate this a little more, or give me tips on making it better, that would be great.  Thank you for reviewing this anyway.
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What I'm guessing they meant is that Kirby himself hasn't been changed at all (or changed so slightly it doesn't look like they are changed at all). All of the frames are just existing Kirby frames with extras pasted over. While this is not a bad thing per say, it needs unique frames frames added to sheet to truly make it unique.
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