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Hello all!
Just dropping in to say hi as the sticky suggested.

I'm completely new to the site, and I'm looking for potential resources to use (or to have as inspiration at the very least) for a tactical RPG I'm creating which follows in the footsteps of games like Final Fantasy Tactics, regarding style.

I'm going to be using the Unity game engine to design and develop this project. So, if anyone has any useful tips about acquisition of decent game art, by all means feel free to share!  Smile



So I've been poking around for just under 15 minutes and HOLY CRAP THIS PLACE IS FRICKIN AWESOME. Lol. Glad I found it and hopefully will enjoy the forum and the assets for some time to come! Big Grin
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Hello and welcome to the site! Enjoy your stay. Wink

Good luck with your projects too!
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