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Danganronpa Characters- Custom Pokemon Overworld sprites
So i've been working on a rom hack for a week or so now and decided to start making custom sprites for Many characters from various series. I decided to start with Danganronpa, More Specifically V3. I'm currently working on Kokichi Oma. Which is the only one i have started so far. As time goes on depending on how long some of these take i may update this post every so often. This is the first time i've worked with overworld sprites so these may not be all that good.
And thank you to the person who uploaded the emerald sprites to the resource. I would not have been able to make these without the sprite sheet!
Update: I Finished Kokichi's and managed to swap some of the colors around to match the ones his pixel sprite in v3 used. So it looks alot better now.


UPDATE: i ended up working on Kiibo as well and actually managed to finish his sprites. So here they are. 

Welcome to my Cinnamon Roll Confinment Chamber! Designed to keep all the sweet and naive characters from having their pureness tainted by the outside world! And can all live together in peace, friendship and harmony. 
And as Kiibo's Ultimate Stalker, i will follow him around and watch him...until he finally notices me xD
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