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Madoka Magica PSP Models
So i've been screwing around with the madoka psp game files using a cpk and bms script for the games pac files, and have pretty much come across everything but the actual character models xD. I managed to find the witch models and for came across Kyubey as well.


^And whatever the heck this thing is


^From what i recall in magia record, this is Kyoko's Witch form? I might be wrong this. These are just a few of what i've gotten so far, i also managed to start ripping all the labyrinth models which are seperated into alot of small pieces. I just legit can't find the actual character models.

But as time goes on and i start getting the stage models all put together and stuff i'll post more screenshots and stuff once i have a decent amount to post at once.

Mini-Update Lol a fast update, i have no clue what the actual frick nuggets this thing is but it's a witch or something idk anymore but i thought i'd show it off here.
Also i just finished ripping the maps for What i assume are Mami and Kyoko's Witch forms or something. The pac files for those maps had their names in them respectively so. i'll work on getting those setup.

Another Edit: I just realized im a idiot and that there are no actual character models. I had only just started playing the game at the time so i hadn't fully reached the dungeon gameplay yet so i only just found out xD

Also, i don't know how to go about ripping the attack effects and stuff. Because i think the weapon models are there.
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finally! Big Grin
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Yass Madoka models!
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