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PKMN U. Sun and U. Moon Model Rips
I have exported the files from the game, using HackingTool9DS and GARC Unpacker, and it appears that all of the files, containing the models, the animations, and the textures, are there. When I look at the models, the textures, and the animations, using SPICA, it appears that all of the models are completely rigged. Here are the examples.

[Image: ezgif_2_cf3af8e4fe.gif]
[Image: ezgif_2_d7d57cdba6.gif]
[Image: ezgif_2_2b68b1377d.gif]
[Image: ezgif_2_b0ec58f418.gif]
[Image: ezgif_2_36fdd2c5a5.gif]
[Image: ezgif_2_91e39825cd.gif]
[Image: ezgif_2_c46b22a1ac.gif]
[Image: ezgif_2_0ed458405c.gif]

I should submit these models and these textures to the Models-Resource.
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