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Waluigi Sprite (working on)
Hi everyone! I am new here and I would like to show you my art that im actually working on, since there is not many waluigi sprites around I decided to make one with the style of Mario&Luigi: Paper Jam.. if you do your research you will notice that I used a Luigi sprite in order to make my Waluigi. Thanks to "Ploaj" who submittedĀ the luigi sprite posted on another website, yet I don't know if I am able to post the link here so I won't.

[Image: EHNPN90.png]
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I think his face still has qualities from Luigi, I would heavily edit the sprites further and look at references.
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Looking good so far! Like DioShiba said it looks a little to much like Luigi, especially from the front.
I recommend using this for a face reference:
[Image: latest?cb=20100823140702]
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