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darkmfalz's Pretty Pixels
Hey, I'm darkmfalz! I'm new, but I've been skulking around tSR for years now (~12 years) -- and it's honestly been one of the best resources I had to learn how to pixel. Figured I might as well start contributing to the community!

[Image: self_portrait_by_darkmfalz-d96jpgv.png]
A self-portrait, why not. I think it needs some more contrast in particular areas, the neck looks ugly, and, for the love of god, I have no idea what to do with those teeth. That said, I'm rather fond of how the nose and lips turned out. It almost looks like real people.

[Image: the_terminator_by_darkmfalz-d96q3y8.png]
Like this one a lot better than the self-portrait. Mmm, that robot eye is definitely the crown jewel -- it took the most time, for sure. Here is the reference.

But I don't just do down-scales of photos with lots of dithering! I do real spriting too!

[Image: X9sKqLj.png]
A WIP Link -- actually is based off of the Zelda II sprites, but I didn't like the results of a more traditional revamp and basically redid everything, maintaining a similar size and pose structure. If you can't tell, I discovered smear while working on the thrust animation. A big issue with this set is the readability, I think. Everything looks fine on its own (e.g. arms, torso and legs, sword, shield) but when you smoosh 'em all together, they become hard to read and distinguish -- I think that I might need to expand my palette, but I'm loath to do so until I'm sure I've done everything that can already be done w/o adding more color.

[Image: XnNNCkd.png]
A WIP Spike Spiegel -- a little less common than your Links and your Marios and your Sonics. The perspective is supposed to be similar to Nuclear Throne and Enter the Gungeon -- e.g. sideview, platformer-esque, but in a top-down world. The run cycle is taken directly from the Cowboy Bebop opening -- I actually freeze-framed and copied each of his poses and it turned out pretty neat. In terms of issues, I think this sprite runs the risk of being a dark mess because of low contrast -- I've tried to make the highlights very bright to combat this, however.
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I think you suffer fro mover-dithering with your larger pieces, whilst it helps to add texture or blend colours, its not needed to this degree, sometimes less is more. Your smaller sprites look great so far though. You seem to have caught most of your problems yourself, your link is definitely suffering from the browns meshing it together, it makes it look like a lower quality sprite than it is, you shouldn't be afraid to use more highlights i think! I also like the look of the Higher Quality version, that may come out really well!
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