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Newbie questions and doubths...

Well...i guess these goes here, if not, i hope some moderator put it on the right corner... [Image: tongue.png] 

Ok, it´s ok this thing of getting sprites, 3d stuff, textures, sound, etc...but i have a question:

It is possible to ripp from an old game...(let´s say Psx1 "tekken 3" for example), and ripp or transforming or exporting motion data to othe formats like .vmd or something like that? is possible to not precislly "ripp" but actually extract image data from an .exe file? like for example "final f*ck"?, (i´m interested in the enemies, not the main charathers).


BTW: This site kinda ROCKS!!

BTW 2: Sorry for my not very good english... [Image: unsure.gif]
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You can rip models, sprites, textures and sounds from any game, but unfortunately there is no catch-all solution. Many games use different, unspecified, unknown file formats and if there aren't any tools available that can read or convert them, it's up to us to figure out how to read and convert them to something more usable.
Many games have proprietary sound formats, and vgmstream is a great tool to convert many of them to WAV. However, it doesn't support every single sound file out there.
Many PSX games utilise the TMD model format, and PSXPrev is a great tool to convert them to OBJ. However, it doesn't support every single TMD file out there.
Likewise, pre-existing tools are available for many file formats, but sometimes you gotta figure out the formats and/or compression/encryption yourself.

But in short - yes, it's possible to rip anything and everything, but it's not always easy.
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