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There really isn't much to say, but hi.

I'm here for models for me to use for VRChat and well... I have already done so with F-Zero models, Arwings, and the Feisar from WipEout HD for worlds that I've made.

So I do want to thank the following:
Electropolitan for the F-Zero GX tracks
Peardian for the F-Zero machines from both Melee/X (Already added in my worlds) and Brawl/GX (Soon to be added in my worlds) and also the Arwing in Brawl
TomixNscale89 for the Star Fox: Assault Arwing
DemonBoy for the WipEout HD Feisar

I do look forward to more of F-Zero machines (AX machines remain), F-Zero tracks, more from WipEout, and hopefully I see Hydro Thunder and Fast Racing models soon.

Thank you.  Smile
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