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Hello, I'm really brand-new. I'm a computer science major - just had first computer science class.  I want to go into video games. My dream is to make Pokemon games. I looked up making pokemon games on rpg maker on youtube, and found Thundaga's guide, and there was a link to the resource. I have an idea for a game, but it is too big and grand to say now, I'm afraid it would be too much.  Right now, my goal is to get everything organized and watch the videos. Um I downloaded just about all the Pokemon trainer game stuff for ds/dsi( Surprise that's a lot of stuff).   Um do I need to spilt any of it up? like the sprites of different pokemon? what do I do with the models? do I need to extract them?( yes I am a newbie). What is the best way to organize it all? I'd appreciate the help.
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